About Us

Our Philosophy

Child Centered Supports and Services through Constant Collaboration and Education.

Picasso Education is dedicated to providing school-based client services related to special education consulting, staffing, management, school governance, fiscal monitoring, professional development, IDEA compliance, and customized solutions.

Our services are student-centered to deliver the highest service quality so that children can reach their potential and lead fulfilling lives.  While we offer cost-effective services, every decision we make is driven by our commitment to expand and improve the lives of students. To accomplish this, we utilize a multidisciplinary approach in our trainings, treatments, and service delivery; nevertheless, encouraging our team of experienced professionals to work together to create effective solutions and help individuals achieve their goals.  

Picasso Education provides schools with credentialed professionals.  Our philosophy is matching students with education professionals and therapists who can help them grow academically and socially.  Our professionals will collaborate with teacher, school administrators and families in pursuit of favorable student outcomes.  Picasso Education is dedicated to consistently supporting all stakeholders involved.

We are experts with a vast amount of experience working with Charter Schools. Our team is compliance-driven and well-trained in the area of Special Education law.   We work closely with local governing agencies to ensure we are implementing current guidelines while we continuously advise and support our clients.  Our internalresources assist with providing comprehensive services, collaborative assessments, and seamless support for our clients most challenging students in need. We specialize in developing and nurturing mutually respectful relationships between educators, parents, and students.

Our Board of Directors

SherReese Mayberry, Founder and President:  SherReese Mayberry has worked in Education for nearly a decade.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Oklahoma State University in Marketing and a Cross Categorical Master in Special Education from Grand Canyon University. SherReese has been an active member of Pi Lamba Theta International Honor Society and Professional Association in Education since 2013.


Tiffani Dorsey, Vice President of Community Outreach and Events:   Tiffani Dorsey has worked in Education for over a decade in both California and Arizona.She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from San Diego State University and a Master in Elementary Education from National University.  She is currently pursuing a speech pathology degree.

Ebony A. Shalley, Vice President of Fundraising & Treasurer: Ebony A. Shalley has worked in education for nearly a decade in both Arizona and Utah and for over two decades in Accounting, HR and Payroll. Ebony holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences and a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, both from Arizona State University.